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A-Star Nutrition, a nutritional therapy practice and consultancy based in Sawbridgeworth, Herts


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What our clients have said


“I first visited A-Star Nutrition because I had been gaining weight and suffering what I assumed were menopausal symptoms.  Rosalind picked up immediately on the fact that there was also some stress in my life which wasn’t helping me.   I had never connected the various things going on.    I thought my diet was OK but it took going through it all in consultation for me to realize that there were plenty of small changes I could easily make to improve things.  The holistic approach is really beneficial I think.  I can’t think where else I would have got all this individual care and attention.  It was invaluable.

I have made by now all the dietary changes we discussed and have began to see and feel the differences.  I’m sleeping better too and my skin looks healthier.  I felt supported throughout because Rosalind checked up on me between appointments.”

Sandra, 49, Bishop Stortford

“I met Rosalind by chance at a business function.  It was fate.  I was wanting to lose weight for my wedding and had tried so many ways before.  So I thought – why not?   I realised when I was in my first consultation that despite having read a lot in the past I had never heard some of the information before.  |And I’m a nurse!  I have more energy and can get into lots of clothes I had packed up to be given away! The ideas have become second nature to me.  I would recommend Rosalind to anyone wanting nutritional advice.  My new mother-in-law is now a client too!’”

Jenny, 35, Nurse, Enfield

“I must say that the information was straight to the point.  I found out about some foods that I had never thought about including in my diet.  It’s made life more interesting. I take all these healthy snacks to work and I’ve even got some of my colleagues on to them!” 

Mike, 50, businessman, Stansted 

“I’m really glad I was introduced to Rosalind.  I have finally lost the extra weight when I'd been on a plateau for so long. I feel more energised for sure and I'm really glad my personal trainer mentioned me seeing her.    

I needed to hear the reasons from a professional and keep getting that little push to do what I had to.”

Toby, banker, 35.

“Rosalind quietly got me to make some changes which really made a difference in the first weeks.  After my next meeting, Rosalind went out of her way to send me some ingredient information on some of the “treats”.  If I wanted to do this seriously, which I did, this sort of back-up was just what I needed.  Later – only now I realise – she stepped up the game which was just what I needed.”

Martin, 42, accountant, Woodford

“You don’t realise how you get sucked into such a bad set of dietary habits and I’m really glad to say that’s sort out now.  Thank you for all your help and suggestions.  My training has improved with the changes.  I feel a lot better physically as well as mentally which is great.”

Sam, 26, administrator, Suffolk

“I can't imagine wanting to eat all that rubbish I was eating before.  I really wanted to make the changes to my diet and this was just what I needed if I was going to do it." 

Footballer, 24

“I needed to hear the reasons from a professional and keep getting that little push to do what I had to."

Eleanor, 48 therapist


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