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A-Star Nutrition, a nutritional therapy practice and consultancy based in Sawbridgeworth, Herts


Email: astarnutrition@aol.com

Tel:    07535 209025


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How do you feel the morning you wake up well after having been sick? Happy and thankful?  Good health is without doubt something not valued enough until after it has gone.


Been putting off taking more care of yourself?  We all really have two choices: build health or create sickness.  Don't put off choosing a healthy lifestyle which could help you retain this valuable possession.


Not been feeling great for a while?  Putting on weight steadily? Chances are you - like many of us - have thought about investigating food regarding your specific condition but.... you have never quite got around to it.  It's no wonder: investigations take a great deal of time.  This is why the best nutritional therapy courses take years to complete and I follow a continuing professional development programme.


Get the necessary information and personal action plan fast!  Consultations with A-Star Nutrition provide you with the necessary information fast.  The research has already been done and we have the experience to condense it so that it is relevant to you.


At A-Star Nutrition you will be given a personal health programme.  Your progress is monitored by your consultant until you have reached a good standard of healthy eating.  This method is far more likely to succeed than you struggling along alone doing what you can here and there.



Two quotes from two wise men to consider: "My health is the main capital I have" (Ernest Hemingway) and "Health is worth more than learning” (Thomas Jefferson).    Now get in touch!